Mingus Amongst Us live at the Foundry 616


"There is so much energy in Mingus. So much of it is released by this ensemble."

  1. Boogie Stop Shuffle          11:18
    Solos: Brendan Clarke, Ray Cassar, Peter Farrah, Oliver Nelson, unknown mobile phone.

  2. Moanin'          9:29
    Solos: Steve Fitzmaurice, James Greening.

  3. Sue's Changes          10:02
    Solo: James Greening.

  4. Fables Of Faubus          8:05
    Solos: Mark Barnsley, Steve Fitzmaurice.

  5. Nostalgia In Times Square          7:46
    Solos: Ray Cassar, Jeremy Rose, Brendan Clarke.

  6. Jump Monk          6:20
    Solos: Peter Farrah, Michael Azzopardi.

  7. Better Get Hit In Your Soul          8:52
    Solos: James Greening, Michael Azzopardi.

 Sample Track 6: Jump Monk

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