Mingus Amongst Us

Charles Mingus brought a fire and energy to the jazz world that had never been seen before!

His compositions and the personnel in his bands were all thoroughly steeped in the swinging blues/jazz traditions, yet fiercely modern and avant guard for their time.
Sydney baritone saxophonist Steve Fitzmaurice has brought these compositions to life again with his arrangements of the Mingus repertoire for the 9 piece powerhouse ensemble 'Mingus Amongst Us'.

Featuring the best jazz musicians from all over the country, 'Mingus Amongst Us' perfectly captures the raucous, fiery energy that Mingus and his compositions were famous for.

"It's raucous, just as Mingus would have liked it!"
Jessica Nicholas ABC Jazz

"Earthy, passionate and sophisticated, blues and gospel inspired jazz"
Roger Mitchell@Ausjazz.net

"There's so much energy in Mingus, so much of it is released by this ensemble" 
Roger Mitchell@Ausjazz.net.au 

Mingus Amongst Us - Live at the Foundry 616

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Melbourne Band - Promo

Don't Let It Happen Here -ISO Video

Better Get Hit In Your Soul - ISO Video

Mingus Amongst Us - Compilation

Perth Band - Jump Monk

Sydney Band - Promo

ABC Jazz - Review (click below)

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Roger Mitchell - AusJazz Blog

Possibly it’s a little flippant to ask this, but how many flautists does it take to unhinge a trumpet player? The answer, it seems, is three.

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John Shand - Sydney Morning Herald

Tribute bands usually cause me adverse health reactions, like running screaming from the room or sitting endlessly asking, "why?". Somehow Mingus Amongst Us leaves me hale and hearty.

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